Speaker Package

We are proud that php[tek] has one of the best compensation packages in the PHP conference circuit. We rely on having amazing speakers to make our event successful and believe that our speakers should be taken care of fairly.

If one or more of your talks is accepted, assuming that you need reimbursement (i.e., your company isn’t willing to cover your costs), we will provide you with a package that consists of:

  • A full ticket to the conference, including Tutorial Day
  • Round-trip economy airfare. We will book and pay your airfare directly to avoid any costs to you. We will work with you to try and accommodate your schedule and requests but not all tickets are created equal. To keep the attendee ticket price as low as possible we will book you a ticket within our budget. This year, the budget allows for the following:
    • Flights from Canada and USA are limited to $400.
    • International tickets are limited to $1,000.
  • Accommodations at the conference hotel.  You will be granted a room with the following nights:
    • One night for being accepted
    • Plus one night for each regular talk or short talk accepted
    • Plus two nights for each 3-hour tutorial

What we Expect in Return

Simply stated, we expect that you will prepare a professional presentation, show up in time, and present to the best of your abilities.  Completely wowing our attendees. That’s it—easy, no?


Keep Track of Us

Follow @phparch on twitter for timely updates about php[tek]. Our official hashtag is #phptek.


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