Open Source Summit

We will again be hosting a special summit event Wednesday evening of php[tek].  This year the topic will be “Open Source Contribution.”  We want to spark a discussion regarding how to create a better understanding between open source project leaders and people who contribute to these projects (or who want to).  Specifically, we want to help people who have never contributed to open source software feel comfortable and ready to start doing so!

The evening will begin with some opening remarks and a short primer on using GitHub as a contributor by Michelle Sanver.  We will then invite the leaders of many different open source projects to come on stage (and to the front row if we have too many) and serve as a panel to answer your questions and discuss the nature of their projects and how they handle contributions differently.

Current plans call for the following open source leaders/projects to be represented:
Beau Simensen (Sculpin) Ben Marks (Magento)
Derick Rethans (Xdebug) Hugo Harmon (Symfony)
Ilia Alshanetsky (PHP) Jordi Boggiano (Composer)
Matthew Turland (Phergie) Sebastian Bergmann (PHPUnit)
Wim Godden (PHPCompatibility) and more…

If you run a project and weren’t listed above, please come and join us as well! This will segue into Thursday night’s event: our Open Source Hackathon.  Many of these leaders will be on hand to represent their projects and help you start contributing to them.  Finally, we will end the conference with a heartfelt talk by Jordi Boggiano, the architect behind Composer, about his experiences running that project.

We wish to thank our Open Source Summit sponsor who is making this event possible, Code Climate



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